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Impactful interactive live video production from concept to completion

Making interactive live video productions A Breeze

Producing a series of entertaining live gamified broadcasts can be challenging, even with the help of professional suppliers. Our experienced team of experts together with partners around the world are available to unburden your organization. We take care of your full production all the way from concept to completion. We jointly plan a strategy, dream up concept designs, set up the tech, pick the right presenters, compose interactive scripts, run the live video production, aid your team and analyze results.

You tell us the goals you want to reach, and we work our magic behind the scenes to make it happen from start to finish. We bring over ten years of experience in tech, entertainment and show business to the table. Our knowledge and success formula helps you to hit the ground running from day one. The Livery Productions team is here to help you make the full production a breeze.

Let's create the best and biggest interactive live video experiences

What makes livery interactive live productions unique?

Livery Productions is a white glove full-service production house and marketing boutique for interactive live events. Our experienced team is your partner in production: we organize interactive live events for you, to help you improve your business.

With over 10 years of experience, we are experts in storytelling and making interactive possibilities with our interactive live streaming platform: Livery. We’ve developed both cutting edge technology and the Livery Live Method. This empowers us to make the most attractive interactive live events possible.

Once you have defined your goals and are able to address your audience, we know how to create live interactive (and gamified) events with big impact to get the desired return from day one.

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The power of interaction and gamification

Interactive elements make your live video event become a captivating and engaging experience. Using the Livery Live Method will help design even better interactive live sessions that will trigger people to engage. learn, play and enjoy your events. Boosts your interactive and engaging sessions using features like voting, quizzes, gamification, predictions, shopping, Q&A and chat. Let’s create high-impact live productions that create big crowds, resulting in big returns. 

Extend your playground to live music festivals, theaters, sports stadiums, exhibitions, art shows, fashion shows. Spice up your virtual and hybrid productions with ingredients that truly inspire your audience.

Live and interactive video can be a media channel that lets you convert your cold reach into warm contacts, and warm contacts into loyal enthusiastic customers: an incredibly valuable funnel regardless of your specific goals and KPIs.

Our experience

 production flow

Livery Production provides a wide range of strategic, creative and production support services that can help you evaluate your business opportunity, make an informed investment decision, launch your service, execute your campaign and ensure its successful operation. From a first intake to a 2-day acceleration workshop and a comprehensive implementation strategy, we got you! Our team’s robust skill set is the ideal complement to your in-house capabilities and resources.

Our production support team includes business experts, account managers, creative directors, executive producers and a seasoned editorial and production staff.

opportunity & concept

implementation & launch


Reporting, analysis & retrospective

Live interactive experiences with big results made easy

Business opportunities

The underlying value of the examples above in many cases are a result of better monetization opportunities of reach and relation with contacts, opportunities for data enrichment and ownership of data.

monetization opportunities

Live interactive digital events are a proven way to expand your mix of monetization options. Benefit from the power of live interactivity to sell products, (digital) services, and tickets on your own platforms. Create exclusive launches, offer limited editions, or host VIP parties in commerce. Improve conversions, boost subscriptions, or offer other high-value conversions to your advertisers and partners.

Data enrichment opportunities

Gather valuable (real-time) user behavior data for meaningful insights to personalize the journey & refine your targeting strategy to expand your business. How? Design your interactive moments (questions, trivia, polls, etc.) based on the data you want to add to your data warehouse or CRM system. All data is generalizable, saved to individual customer profiles, secure, and safe.

Full ownership opportunities

Your data is yours. Always. You’ll receive first-hand access to all data generated by your productions. In contrast, relying only on social (video) platforms comes with serious limitations. They keep most of the good stuff for themselves. We believe you should keep your precious viewer data: it’s yours, after all.

jump start formats

Make a jump start with one of the ready-to-use formats. Choose one of our proven formats plus the expertise of our team to easily execute your live interactive productions.

The learning game format

microlearning for large organizations

Craft a successful live gamified learning & development program with our interactive microlearning format. Engage your workforce with 20-minute trivia quiz sessions, covering any subject of your choice. Popular themes include digital literacy, cybersecurity, and market trends. We’ll revolutionize your employee development with Livery Gamified Learning. Go live in just 6 to 10 weeks.

live shopping e-commerce format

boosting live e-commerce conversions

Add shoppable video to your e-commerce channels. Engage customers with interactive sessions hosted by experts, showcasing products from fashion and wine to furniture and gadgets. Boost sales with suspenseful product demos, catwalk shows, and exclusive offers. Our Livery Productions team can help you plan Live shopping events that convert unlike anything you’ve seen before.