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Production services

Livery Production provides a wide range of strategic, creative and production services that can help you evaluate your business opportunity, make an informed investment decision, launch your service, execute your campaign and ensure its successful operation. Our goal is to unburden you. 

From a first intake to a 2-day acceleration workshop and a comprehensive implementation strategy, our team’s robust skill set is the ideal complement to your in-house capabilities and resources.

Our production team has worked together on full-scale productions around the globe and includes a compatible group of business experts, account managers, creative directors, executive producers and a seasoned editorial and production staff.

The services can be divided in the 4 key phases of any live interactive video event.

Phase 1 opportunities & Concept

If you’re in the idea phase, Livery Productions can help you transform it from a vague concept into an executable project. If you’re further along and your idea has matured into a full-grown concept.

This phase involves the following subject:

To guide this phase, we have developed a Livery Project definition workshop in which all stakeholders have a seat and a say. Our mission is to get every stakeholder on the same page to ensure a quicker and smoother implementation process in the next phase.

 This 2-day sprint workshop covers the full scope of a live interactive video production. After the workshop, you’ll walk away with an executable go-to-market plan for a concept that meets your strategic, budget, and value objectives. With your approval, and the approval of all stakeholders, we’ll move to the next phase

The list of the focus points we will tick during this workshop: 

  • Strategy: objectives, concept, and value proposition
  • Marketing: channels, social, and momentum
  • Production: infrastructure, creative direction, and content production
  • Organization: staff requirements for daily management and operations
  • Commercial: business model and case
  • Go-to-market plan

Phase 2 implementation & launch

We can execute your project from start to finish with our dedicated team of account management, technical management, executive producers, editors-in-chief, producers and editorial staff. The team will be responsible for the overall execution of the go-to-market plan for the entire project and reporting to you with results.

This phase involves the following services:

Our team of creative directors can manage the entire branding and creative direction of your production, including:

  • Brand design
  • Graphics and audio design
  • Set design

We collaborate with professional creatives to deliver high quality, engaging and immersive content that is the best fit for your production. This service includes:

  • Game design
  • Interactive content
  • Timelines and line-up
  • Script writing and autocue

If you want to build your own in-house production team, (whether you want a team from the start or post-launch), we can help you craft your lean organization design and strategize the recruitment process. We’ll help you determine which human resources are essential to secure successful daily management and operations. We can also help you with the casting/recruitment process for talent. For example, sourcing an influencer that is talented, has a brand-aligned audience, and is the right fit for your production.

With decades of experience in live interactive video production, our team is fully equipped to train and empower your in-house production and editorial team. Our training and coaching service includes talent coaching because we know that presenting live interactive videos is a new and uncommon skill.

We know what it takes to craft a production studio. Our team of technical managers will help you to set-up the studio infrastructure, including: 

  • Cameras
  • Teleprompters
  • Audio
  • Lighting
  • Control room. 

This service can be offered for on-prem production (if you want to run productions through your own facility) or using Livery Production Studio facilities.

Note: If you do not have access to your own studio facilities, you can use the Livery Production Studios facilities whenever they are available. If the availability of our studios is not in sync with your needs, we will provide alternative studio options from our partners.

We want our systems to work with your systems. Our technical management team will work through any integration process needed to connect our production software to your existing systems (for example, your app, website, registration, sign-on, CRM, ad server, data server, or graphic server).

Once your production is live, you’ll need someone actively analyzing and monitoring the data generated by your interactive video production and components. We can help you set up a reporting infrastructure that is in line with your KPIs.

To get the most out of this effort, you need people to show up to the event. That’s where our team of marketing experts and talent come in. We can help you connect to existing and new audiences at scale through the full range of available offline, online, and social media channels. We will help you supercharge the hype and drive traffic around your scalable interactive video production.

To help you with your inventory sales, we can kick-start the sales process with a sponsor and advertiser deck containing an overview of the available inventory and rate card.

Phase 3 operations

Livery Production’s production and editorial team can takes care of all operations and management.
Or we can work together and train your in-house teams so they take care of operations themselve. In this scenario, we’ll help your team and provide occasional refresher training sessions and workshops.

This operations phase contains two main paths: 

We have trained your in-house teams and they take care of operations internally. In this instance, we’ll keep a close eye on your team and provide occasional refresher training sessions and workshops.

You have asked Livery Production for full-service operations. In this instance, our dedicated production and editorial team takes care of everyday operations and management, including:

  • Content production
  • Script and line-up production
  • Live video production
  • Interactive production
  • Talent coaching
  • Prize handling and customer service
  • (Social) marketing content production
  • Marketing data analysis
  • Video and interactive data analysis

Phase 4 Reporting, analysis and retrospective

Each production should be better than the last, and that’s why phases 3 and 4 work hand-in-hand. Strategic analysis of the marketing, video, and interactive data generated by your campaign and production will help you to constantly improve your production value and optimize the connection with your audience.

We offer help with the following services:

Once we have set up a reporting infrastructure that is in line with your KPIs, we report accordingly.

When the production or season has ended, it is time for a project retrospective with all stakeholders. We will examine and analyze the production from start to finish and discuss improvements and recommendations for the next season or campaign. We can organize this for you, including the retrospective management report and optimization recommendations.

next steps…

Let us know you’re interested and we will organize a first intake session either remotely or in person. In this session we’ll want you to tell us about things like: your organization, experience (with your audience or customers, for example),
expectations, goals or any specific questions you might have. Let’s get to know each other and see how we can help you meet your goals.

With that intake information, we will jointly create a first draft of a service plan tailored to your situation and specific needs.